CompTIA IT Fundamentals

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CompTIA IT Fundamentals

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification ensures a knowledge of PC components, functionality, compatibility, and related technology topics.

Course Overview

DURATION : 3 Day(s)
TECHNOLOGY: IT Fundamentals


Training Days

8th November 2021
10th January 2021

The CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals certification ensures a knowledge of PC components, functionality, compatibility, and related technology topics.


English Literacy


Candidate job roles may include any of the following in information technology environments:

sales associate, sales engineer, account manager, business development manager, product or marketing specialist, or entry level customer support.

The Strata IT Fundamentals certification is ideal for individuals and students preparing to enter the IT workforce and professionals changing careers to IT or technology-related fields.

The certificate can be a stepping stone to higher certifications in CompTIA A+, and with specialized experience, CompTIA Network+.

At course completion Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Identify the fundamental concepts of computer security.

• Identify security threats and vulnerabilities.

• Examine network security.

• Manage application, data and host security.

• Identify access control and account management security measures.

• Manage certificates.

• Identify compliance and operational security measures.

• Manage risk.

• Manage security incidents.

• Develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Module 1: Understanding Computer Hardware
Topic A: Processors

Processor Speed and Performance Memory

Topic B: Input and Storage Devices

Core Input Devices
Internal and External Storage Devices

Topic C: Peripherals and Networking
Peripheral Devices
Hardware for Internet Connections

Module 2: Installations, Maintenance, and Upgrades

Topic D: Setting up a Computer
Choosing a Computer Type
Setting up a Computer

Topic E: Maintaining a Computer
Cleaning a Computer
Preventing Damage to Equipment
Preventing Data or service Loss

Topic F: Installing and Configuring Software
Configuring the Operating System
Updating and Upgrading the Operating Systems
Installing Applications
Repairing or Reinstalling and Application
Removing an Application

Topic G: Updating and Upgrading hardware
Evaluating a Computer for Upgrade
Installing Upgrades

Module 3: Troubleshooting and Security

Topic H: Troubleshooting Operational Problems
Startup failure
Operating System Error Messages
OS Slowdown or Lockup
Application Failures
Device failures

Topic I: Security and Access Control
Understanding Hacking
Access Controlourse Outline
Data and Usage Permission
Network Control
Internet privacy Security
Understanding and Preventing Malware Attacks

Topic J: Safe, Legal, and Green computer Usage
Safe and Legal Disposal of Hazardous Substances
I.T. Related Laws
Energy-Efficient Personal Computing
Energy-Efficient Server Usage


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