DataVoice Libra 13

DataVoice Libra 13

A next-level recording platform focused on ensuring all of your business communications are securely captured, stored and managed. Libra 13 boasts our most operationally efficient release to date with features aimed at ensuring you have full control. Live Monitoring of conversations and more, multi-tenancy with web-admin access and cloud storage for truly scalable storage and archiving are just a few of the powerful features in this release.


· Fully Scalable - Up to 1500 concurrent recordings on a single server, with multiple servers integrated for larger installations.

·Industry Standard Security - Highest levels of encryption and authentication are deployed.

·Multiple Communication Interfaces Support - Telephony, chat, email, social media and radio can be recorded on a single platform.

·Open Integration - Open integration for systems such as CRM, BI tools, WFM, etc.

·Redundancy & High Availability - Various levels of redundancy and high availability are available.

·Digital Signatures & Tamper Detection - Ensures the legality of recordings as evidence in a court of law.

·Rule-Based Long-Term Storage - Ensures data is protected, compliant and able to be restored back into the system on demand.

·Intuitive Web Interface - Easy to use solution that permits authorised users to search & playback recordings.

·Complementary Solutions - Integrated management, screen recording and quality management solutions.

·Remote Management With Alarm Notifications - System health monitoring with notifications and alarms.



Centralised management and storage platform for large or distributed recording solutions.

Nexus is a powerful platform aimed at easing the burden experienced in managing large or complex solutions, which are often layered in complexity. With a single platform and point of reference, multiple recorders within a network or globally distributed across your branches can be monitored, managed and recordings centralised for search and playback, with complete ease.


·Reduces complexity by offering a single view across multiple recorders.

·Scalable, flexible and future-proof.

·Modular upgrades.

·Open standards integration enables Nexus to work seamlessly with existing enterprise applications.

·Centralised storage and archiving.


·Central Management - One point for storage, archiving, integration, health monitoring and management of recorders and other connected modules.

·Powerful Transaction Linking - CRM records can be cross-referenced with recordings on the central Nexus server for easy and efficient recording retrieval.

·Intuitive Web Interface - Web-enabled presentation of records through secure access for authorised users.

·Powerful Diagnostics - Central alarms via remote email and/or SMS notifications, along with advanced trace, audit and system logs.

Quality management

Quality management solution for workforce performance and operational excellence.

Contact centres and support desks are a customer’s first point of contact with a majority of businesses, and the impression left on them by agents can make or break relationships and brand loyalty. Measuring and managing agent performance effectively, and providing inspirational feedback and skills coaching, are critical elements in ensuring the success of the contact centre, and providing effective customer service that enhances brand loyalty.


·Fully Customisable Evaluation Templates - Templates are tailored to meet specific business objectives and desirable behaviours, with no limit to the number of questions, question weighting, scoring guidelines, mixed customisable scoring and more.

- Supervisors can add coaching comments, call segments and relevant learning attachments to specific questions or areas of concern.

·Agent Evaluation Sign-Off - Al·Create On-The-Fly Feedback During An Evaluation lows an agent to review and comment on a completed evaluation.

·Automatic Selection Of Calls For Evaluation - A recurring schedule ensures that calls are independently and consistently selected across all agents and teams for evaluation.

·Pre-Formatted Reports - Easy to use, customisable report templates are available for call evaluations, performance comparisons and coaching activities.

· Role-Based Security - Levels of access can be granted to users depending on their assigned tasks

Screen recording

Screen recording for visual verification of compliance, quality and productivity.

A recorded voice transaction only tells part of the story – it cannot account for incorrectly captured data, unfocused attention or problems with applications and processes. By utilising both voice and screen recording, a business can fully assess agent effectiveness while identifying problem areas or process improvements.


·Intuitive Playback - Replay screen activities as full motion video recordings with user-friendly functionality including resizable playback window, pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

·Multiple Recording Trigger Options - Screen recordings can be triggered by predefined start and stop times, by pressing an assigned function key, by opening specific software applications, or by linking to the interaction recording solution.

·Effortless Search - A variety of filters can be used to locate specific recordings quickly and easily.

·Easy Playback - Synchronised screen and voice playback via the web interface.

·Export Files - Screen recordings can be exported as AVI/WebM files to enable them to be emailed or to be used for training.

·Multiple Screen Support - Recording of up to 16 screens connected to a single workstation.

·Simple Backup And Archiving - The daily backup scheduler ensures that all screen data is automatically archived. Voice and screen data can be archived together in AVI/WebM format for ease of reference.

·Invisible Recording - Capture the desktop activities of multiple workstations in a networked environment without affecting the user’s experience.




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