Data Voice

Data Voice

When telephonic interactions are your primary means of contact with customers, suppliers, and other business stakeholders, voice recording solutions are vital. Mitigating the risks they introduce and complying with regulatory legislation are two of the most important reasons to implement voice recording.

DataVoice solutions are tailored for use in mission-critical and public safety environments, contact centers, trade floors, utilities, government, and enterprises that rely on their daily interactions with their customers, as well as other companies to conduct business, drive sales and provide services.

  • Libra Voice Recorder

  • Interaction recording solutions are designed with your business's best interests in mind.

    A next-level recording platform focused on ensuring all of your business communications are securely captured, stored, and managed. Libra 12 boasts our most operationally efficient release to date with features aimed at ensuring you have full control. Live Monitoring of conversations and more, multi-tenancy with web-admin access, and cloud storage for truly scalable storage and archiving are just a few of the powerful features in this release.

  • Screen Recording

  • Screen recording for visual verification of compliance, quality, and productivity.

    A recorded voice transaction only tells part of the story – it cannot account for incorrectly captured data, unfocused attention, or problems with applications and processes. By utilizing both voice and screen recording, a business can fully assess agent effectiveness while identifying problem areas or process improvements.

  • Nexus

  • Centralized management and storage platform for large or distributed recording solutions.

    Nexus is a powerful platform aimed at easing the burden experienced in managing large or complex solutions, which are often layered in complexity. With a single platform and point of reference, multiple recorders within a network or globally distributed across your branches can be monitored, managed and recordings centralized for search and playback, with complete ease. ease.

A multitude of benefits:

  • Proven, reliable, and fully scalable solution
  • Mitigate business risk
  • Helps ensure compliance
  • Enhances operational efficiency and quality assurance
  • Industry-focused to fit your business needs
  • The low total cost of ownership
  • Hassle-free integration