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DataVoice Libra 12

When telephonic interactions are your primary means of contact with customers, suppliers, and other business stakeholders, voice recording solutions are vital. Mitigating the risks they introduce and complying with regulatory legislation are two of the most important reasons to implement voice recording.

DataVoice solutions are tailored for use in mission-critical and public safety environments, contact centers, trade floors, utilities, government, and enterprises that rely on their daily interactions with their customers, as well as other companies to conduct business, drive sales and provide services.

Datavoice Libra 12 is built on the proven core of its powerful predecessors, with exciting new features and functionality designed with your business in mind. With live monitoring, tenant administration, dashboards for close monitoring, and cloud-connected storage, you have everything you need to mitigate risk, improve your customer experience and react to difficult situations, quickly and effectively.

  •  Cloud Storage- Libra 12 can record and store directly to AWS and Azure cloud storage environments, with review and playback of recordings happening seamlessly, as if they were stored locally.
  • Enhanced dashboards - Libra 12 allows you to keep an eye on everything with dashboards built around what is important. IT managers can mitigate risk and identify issues quickly through easily identifiable color-coded graphs. 
  • Live Monitoring - The new Live Monitoring feature gives you the capability to monitor all interactions for a targeted radio in near real-time, no matter how complex the system architecture.

Other key features and enhancements

  • Enhanced integrations
  • Tenant based user administration
  • Radio recording solution enhancements
  • Support for new storage options
  • Graceful failover
  • Interface enhancements
  • Improved reporting and monitoring


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