Maximize sales Productivity with Freshworks CRM

Maximize sales Productivity with Freshworks CRM

Discover the best leads, boost customer engagement, drive deals to closure, and nurture existing customers with a smart, comprehensive solution.


Freshworks CRM is An AI powered CRM solution that combines the power of Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Chat and Telephony all in one solution. Here to helps businesses unify their internal silos, and deliver personalized experiences across marketing, sales, and service at scale.


3 Key Differentiators from the competition


· Unified Silos Across Sales, Marketing and Service

Helps siloed teams work together and truly understand the needs of their customers. Nurture leads at every stage of the sales funnel with nurture campaigns and build targeted strategies that can be tested and optimized based on the campaign analytics. By generating leads from visitors to your website, you may expand your pool of prospects. Capture real-time lead data and use it to create targeted sales tactics that capture their interest right away.


Customer 360 - Your all-in-one customer view

Businesses can see sales, marketing and support information corresponding to a contact or an account with a 360 lens in one unified page. This helps your sales and marketing teams get an in-depth view of each contact and how they engage with your campaigns to know what’s working and what’s not.

   AI Powered Actionable Insights

Freddy AI capabilities include smart automation and recommendations, deep-data insights, and intent-driven conversation bots. Freddy Predictive contact scoring helps you prioritize your contacts by identifying the ones which are most sales ready.


Final Thoughts

Now is the time to incorporate a seamless multichannel CRM solution that provides a rich customer experience to close deals faster and nurture your customer relationships. Our team of engineers at Jasco Communications are here to help you in your digital transformation journey to a 5 star CRM experience. Contact us to book for a free demo session.




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