Avaya Contact Center Select

Avaya  Contact Center Select

Avaya Contact Center Select robust and multichannel contact center solution for your business needs

Avaya Contact Center Select

Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) is a collaborative, voice and multimedia customer experience solution that enables small to midsize enterprises to anticipate, accelerate, and enhance customer interactions. ACCS allows agents to automatically dial-out to customers, combines historical and real-time contextual customer information to help improve the quality of interactions, optimizes agent utilization and productivity, and enhances supervisor performance to deliver superior customer experiences and drive sustainable business growth


Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Businesses that want to differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive global market environment must be able to provide superior service and high quality customer interactions. Avaya Contact Center Select provides the following features to help businesses organizations achieve this.

1. Multichannel with skills based routing. Fully blended support for voice, email, web chat, fax and SMS contact types with the ability to route contacts to the best skilled agents and allowing a single agent to handle up to five simultaneous contacts—voice call, email, web chat, fax and SMS


2. Unified Agent Desktop: The Agent Desktop interface makes it quick and easy for agents to interact with customers regardless of the communications channel. Agents use the Agent Desktop to manage inbound and outbound voice interactions, as well as email, web chat, text (SMS), and fax. The application can be configured to allow each agent to handle these interactions individually or simultaneously


3. Third Party Integration. Seamlessly integrate your third party application (CRM, ERP, Custom Application) and Avaya communications platforms and unlock powerful new customer service personalization and productivity features for your agents and employees. (Oracle/SAP/Freshdesk/Zendesk/MS Dynamics/Sales Force/ZOHO)


4. Call Recording: Avaya Contact Center Select provides two call recording options. This offers the opportunity to record each agent-to-customer interaction to improve agent performance and avoid potential conflicts. Recorded calls are easily recovered with an intuitive supervisor interface, and are searchable by agent name, extension, calling number and more


5. Business Continuity and disaster recovery: Business Continuity is an Avaya Contact Center Select licensed feature. Avaya Contact Center Select provides two Avaya Contact Center Select servers to achieve this. One server, called the active server, processes customer contacts. The other server, called standby or Remote Geographic Node, shadows the active server. If the active server fails, the other Avaya Contact Center Select server can take over contact processing. This feature provides Avaya Contact Center Select redundancy, data resiliency, and disaster recovery.


6. Simplified Administration: Common, web-based administration capabilities for contact center supervisors and managers help reduce configuration complexity, eliminate duplication, reduce errors and lower implementation time and cost.


7. Unified Reporting: Historical and real-time displays with dynamic filtering provide easy-to-read information on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), contact summaries and consolidated multichannel reports. This helps reduce the time spent analyzing data and allows more time for coaching agents, helping improve both agent and supervisor productivity.


To book a demo and learn more about ACCS and what it can offer for your business, reach out to us via sales@jasco.co.ke


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