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Microsoft Teams Contact Center Webinar

How to use Microsoft Teams for Customer Interaction

Utilize your existing Microsoft licenses to get a Microsoft Teams contact center. Join us as we explore how companies can use Microsoft Teams for omnichannel customer interaction.

Outline: 115 million people in the world are currently using Microsoft Teams as a collaboration hub and this figure is increasing all the time, so extending its capabilities with the promise of improved customer interaction will certainly be welcome news for many. But how do you do it? Hit the sign-up button below and join us to find out! Outline: In this webinar, we explore why extending Microsoft Teams to customer interaction is such a compelling proposition for anyone looking to get maximum value from their unified communications platform. And, if you're working on Skype for Business, make sure you tune in too, we'll give you an insight into what exciting functionality lies ahead when you decide to transition.


What will you learn? 

  •  Why it's a good idea to utilize Microsoft Teams contact center. 

  • What are the benefits of the enhanced contact center functionality which integrates seamlessly with your existing collaboration platform.

  • How it all works in practice - how to get set up, or how to transition if you are using Skype for Business.


Benedict Rono

Head of Operations at Jasco Communications

Vincent Wanjau

Senior Systems Engineer at Jasco Communications


Contact Center Expert at Geomant